| December 2003

This 1928 Cletrac Model K was restored almost 20 years ago with the help of my parents, Henry and Georgia Borgaro. We worked on the tractor most Saturdays, and the restoration took two years. I belong to the California Oliver Cletrac Club and show this crawler several times a year.

The big outing for the tractor is the Tulare show. It's the largest antique machinery show in California and is a must-see event for anyone who visits California.

The Cletrac stands next to my 1937 8-foot Aermotor windmill in my parent's front yard. I needed a windmill for myself, so one was found, restored and now sits on top of a homemade 20-foot redwood tower.

I would like to thank my mom, Georgia, for helping me on all of my antique machinery restorations. We seldom thank the ladies out there for the help and moral support they provide.

My mom cooked the lunches every Saturday for Dad and me. She washed the greasy coveralls and put bandages on skinned knuckles. She answered the telephone when we were out in the shop and wrote the checks to the people who had parts to sell to complete the project. She sewed me a new leather gearshift boot and hand-painted the word 'Cletrac' on the radiator. She also said the right things at the right time. 'You guys will get it running next weekend,' she'd say.

Most of all, my mom took pictures every weekend to document our labor of love for this old crawler tractor. Then she gave me the photo album that I will cherish for all time.