| July 2004

I recently reviewed Oscar 'Hank' Will's article 'Titans of the Turf,' Farm Collector, April 2004, and was very impressed with his detail and chronological reporting of the Cub Cadet product line.

As a closet history buff and someone who earns his livelihood from Cub Cadet, this article was of real interest to me. Cub Cadet has a great history that we don't always take full advantage of from a marketing perspective, but we intend to keep our history alive.

One of the founders of MTD was fond of saying, 'The past we inherit, the future we create.' Those words couldn't be more true when it comes to Cub Cadet.

- C Nathan Walker, Vice President, Sales MTD Independent Retail Croup Cleveland, Ohio

Editor's note: MTD purchased International Harvester Co.'s Cub Cadet line in 1981.

Proper painting for a corn planter

I will be repainting a Hayes corn planter for a neighbor. I would like any information regarding the correct colors and paint scheme. Any help would be greatly appreciated.