Letters: Looking for manufacturer’s name

A reader is looking for more information on an unknown seeder

| October 2010

  • Looking for manufacturer

  • Looking for manufacturer
I am looking for information on this seeder: the name of the manufacturer and when it was manufactured. There is no identification of any kind on it. The joints are professionally built mortise and tenon; the main frame corners are beveled and both wheels are made of wood. The seed container has holes of various sizes. The rope drive has pulleys in two different sizes, both on the drive wheel and seed container. The drive wheel is banded with metal. It is faded red in color. The rear cover wheel is adjustable in height.
Al Jager, 755 N. Van Dyke, Imlay City, Mich. 48444; (810) 724-8271; e-mail: margeal@gmail.com.