Massey Ferguson 150 tractor restoration a success

| December 2009

I have also restored a Massey Ferguson 150 (see letter from Frank Musser, Farm Collector, June 2009) and I use it on our family ranch in south Texas. When I found the old girl she had been painted a light gray and was pretty rusted out; the fenders and hood were pretty much gone. But the tractor ran and it was the size that I needed and the price was right.

I fixed a few things and worked the tractor on the ranch. We were making improvements to the ranch, and we try to plant oats when the south Texas rains come in. Then I saw a picture of a MF 150 and started my restoration. It took me most of six months to take the tractor apart and find all the parts I needed.

I had to reseal the motor, and work on the brakes, clutch and a few other small problems, but she is up and running in all her glory. It’s fun to see people look at it when I take it to the ranch. Frank Musser’s letter said not many of them were built. Was there one with a bucket attachment?

Darrell Freeman

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