Letters: In Minnesota, it’s a disk plow

You say harrow plow, but in Minnesota, it’s a disk plow.

| September 2010


From the July 2010 issue of Farm Collector: Mark Peters, shown here with Rick Wisnefske's C-14 harrow plow. "This is a really rare piece," Rick says. "I've never seen another one. Nobody used anything like that around here."

Leslie C. McManus

On page 24 of the July 2010 issue of Farm Collector is a photo of a harrow plow. In Minnesota, it was called a disk plow. They were used on farms that had gumbo soil. They made slat-bottom plows for that, but some of the soil was so sticky that it didn’t want to slide even on a slat-bottom plow. That is where a disk plow would work, because it turned as it went through the soil.

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