No kid stuff, please!

Letters to the Editor

| February 2010

I have enjoyed Farm Collector for many years without a complaint. I was greatly disappointed that you chose to run a feature story that belonged in the Toy Farmer magazine. “Straight to the Top” in your December issue was great; it was just in the wrong magazine.

Please stay with your core mission: to write stories about those good old days, i.e., like two days digging turkeys out of the snow during the November 1940 blizzard when 400 people died in Minnesota. I was 12 year old. Or going six weeks without seeing a bed during WWII; we just napped in the dirt while farming 400 acres with an 18 hp John Deere. I was 16, with no time to be a child.

Please, no more Toy Farmer type articles!

Bill Butler
Tempe, Ariz.

Editor’s note: Sounds like you have some great stories of your own, Bill. We’d love to hear them! At Farm Collector, it’s everything from soup to nuts. Toys and models seem to complete the story of antique iron, and are a particularly good fit for collectors who don’t have the space or budget for full-size relics. Thanks for sending your two cents: It’s always good to hear from our readers!

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