Putting Batavia, N.Y., on the map – again

Letters to the Editor

| February 2010

I got some directions wrong in the story I wrote about the Johnston Harvester Co. in the December 2009 issue of Farm Collector, as pointed out by Mike Otis who, I presume, lives in the area.

I stated that after a fire destroyed the Brockport factory in June 1882, the operation was relocated 20 miles southeast at Batavia, which had rail service (Brockport did not). So, for Mike and all the other western New York natives who undoubtedly picked up on my goof, I hereby concede that Batavia is actually southwest of Brockport. Sometimes I don’t know my left from my right, or east from west. I regret the error and thanks for pointing it out.

Sam Moore
D.C. (Directionally Challenged)

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