Sheath for an Ice Plow

| April 2009

  • Ice King ice plow
    This ice plow sheath was misidentified as a case to store the plow (in February 2009's article "The Coldest Harvest").

  • Ice King ice plow

On page 30 of the February 2009 issue of Farm Collector, the article (“The Coldest Harvest”) says the item pictured is a case to store an ice plow in. That’s wrong: It’s a sheath, with a heavy steel band on bottom to skid the plow to the ice and back to place of storage.

I enjoy your publication and give you all the advertising I can. I have the largest collection of farm wrenches and have a small collection of farm toys. Started collecting when I was in high school, working for $3 a day.

Terry Crosby
Kingston, Tenn.

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