Tracing Wallis Roots

| July 2009

Last year a friend of mine gave me a copy of the March 2007 issue of Farm Collector. It has the huge Wallis Bear tractor on the cover. Since my last name is Wallis, I had to do some investigating. I contacted Fred Schmidt in Bluffton, Ohio, and he invited my wife and me over to his family home. He gave me an opportunity to drive the Big Bear myself. What a thrill!

My wife and I have been to Racine, Wis., and have gathered history about Henry Mitchell Wallis who designed and built the Wallis tractors. Henry Wallis was the son-in-law of Jerome Increase Case. When Mr. Case passed away, Henry Wallis was called in to run the Case Plow Works.

Another edition of Farm Collector (March 2009) has a feature article about Lino Giovacchini who built a model of the Wallis Bear. He’s agreed to build me a model of the Wallis Cub Junior, my favorite. I own three of the metal bears that were mounted on the front of the Cub Juniors.

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