Letters: Vintage farm equipment welcome, old wagon has new home

An IH Little Genius and McCormick No. 6 mower make up a vintage farm equipment welcome

| November 1999

A Vintage farm Equipment Welcome in New York

While on vacation this spring in Ohio, my wife and I were impressed with the beautiful farmland, and commented on the numerous vintage farm tools cleverly displayed near picturesque farm driveways.

On our return home, I decided to create my own vintage farm equipment welcome near the entrance to our small farm here in western New York. I hauled from the back lot an old International Harvester "Little Genius" two-bottom plow and McCormick No. 6 mower.

Both implements were in acceptable condition with no missing parts. I placed the implements on concrete blocks to elevate them, planted a tree between them, and landscaped the surrounding area with landscape fabric and wood chips piled high enough to conceal the concrete blocks. Finally, centered between the plow and mower is a wooden sign I made with our address number on it.

Many positive comments from passersby have convinced me that the project is a success. Perhaps this will encourage others.

I am a retired firefighter farming what remains of the land that has been in my family for generations. This provides me an excuse to keep my many farm collectibles, and my Farmall tractors.

-Gene Preston, Rochester, NY email: epreston@eznet.net.