The Oliver Raydex Point

| 7/6/2016 11:02:00 AM

Sam MooreMost folks who did much plowing during the 1940s and ’50s knew about the revolutionary new “throwaway” plow shares from Oliver. An Oliver sales brochure from 1940 reads in part:

Characteristics of the Raydex Bottom

LOW COST INEXPENSIVE RAYDEX POINTS – Oliver was prompted to give the farmer something for his hard earned money so he can reduce his current cash outlay during plowing season. The absence of blacksmiths throughout the country, and the time wasted waiting on the blacksmith during the busy season and making trips to the blacksmith shop, gave Oliver Plow Designers the idea of the OLIVER RAYDEX POINT.

Our eagerness to help the American Farmer resulted in making a POINT for him that he can purchase for 75 cents in 12” size, 85 cents in 14” size, and 95 cents in 16” size.

The RAYDEX POINT sharpens itself until all of the suction is worn away. When the suction is entirely gone, a new RAYDEX POINT can be installed with a factory cutting edge and full width built-in suction.

ONE RAYDEX POINT will wear longer than one sharpening of a conventional share and costs no more than the average price that blacksmiths charge for resharpening.