Some Things Never Change

| 3/2/2016 11:18:00 AM

Sam MooreI’m not a political person, but since that’s all we hear nowadays on the media, here’s my little contribution, and naturally it’s historical.

Did’ja ever wonder what our Congressmen do for a living? Besides running for office, that is.

Back in 1937 the 75th Congress was convened during a time when the Great Depression, which had eased somewhat in 1936, had recently suffered a relapse. An editorial in the March 1937 issue of Country Gentleman magazine had this to say about the body.


A diligent perusal of the biographical section of the new Congressional Directory–wherein members are permitted to state their qualifications, accomplishments and virtues–is apt to leave the voter with distinctly mixed emotions.

Naturally, we agriculturists rejoice to see that the baby chick industry at last has crashed through and is now represented in the House by the owner and operator of a hatchery in New Jersey. And everyone, of course, will be relieved to know that finally we have in Congress a chap who, according to his own testimony, understands the language of the Sioux Indians. Gradually, it seems, our most urgent national needs are being filled.