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Mystery Solved: June 2017 Mystery Tool Answers

Reader Contribution by The Farm Collector Staff

June 2017 Mystery Tool A

Tongs used to remove clinkers from the firebox of a coal-burning furnace. Identified by William Evans, St. Joseph, Mo.; Harold Kaufman, Porterfield, Wis.; Gary Cooper, Fontanelle, Iowa; Janet Rice, Mt. Pleasant, Mich.; Marvin H. Glick, Hartsville, Ind.; Glen Sinclair, Bellevue, Mich.; Alan Easley, Columbia, Mo.; and Louis Harnish, Wayland, Mich. See patent no. 2,125,214 for a similar piece. Photo submitted by Wayne Teter, Preston Hollow, N.Y.

Patent no. 2,125,214: Tongs. Patent awarded to Jacob F. Apfel and Richard S. Jarrett, Hamilton, Ohio, July 26, 1938.

June 2017 Mystery Tool B

Appears to be the main component of a still. A sight glass would have been on the side, allowing the operator to monitor fluid levels when in use. Identified by James Martino, Oxford, Ohio. Photo
submitted by Charlie Barbian, Alexandria, Ky.

June 2017 Mystery Tool C

Rolling door hanger. The one shown is missing some parts. See patent no. 308,125. Photo submitted by Erwin L. Fullerton, S. Woodstock, Vt.

Patent no. 308,125: Door hanger. Patent awarded to William Barry, Syracuse, N.Y., Nov. 18, 1884.

June 2017 Mystery Tool D

Harvesting implement used to harvest cabbage and similar vegetables. Once cut, the head of cabbage rests in the tool, allowing the operator to use the tool to cut as well as load. See patent no. 743,264. Photo submitted by Paul Trowbridge, Corfu, N.Y.

Patent no. 743,264: Harvesting implement. Patent awarded to Joseph W. Feathers and George Mills, Albion, N.Y., Nov. 3, 1903.

June 2017 Mystery Tool E

Unidentified. Photo submitted by Nick Feenstra, Sussex, N.J.

June 2017 Mystery Tool F

Unidentified. Photo submitted by John Wilding, Hermann, Mo.

Responses to July mystery tools: The following names were inadvertently omitted from the list of correct responses in the July 2017 issue:

Item A: Watchmaker’s gear cutting engine. Identified by Arthur H. Bailey, Wilmington, Vt.

Item C: Device for lasting boots and shoes used to stretch leather. Identified by Dick Kates, Oakland, Iowa, and Erwin Fullerton, S. Woodstock, Vt.

Item D: Shoe/boot lasting pinchers used to stretch leather. Identified by James T. Rissanen, Saginaw, Minn.; Dick Kates; Erwin Fullerton; and Gary Willison, Standish, Maine.

  • Published on Aug 3, 2017
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