Looking for Information on Auction Buy

| 7/12/2016 1:02:00 PM

I found this plow at a farm sale. It is a 3-bottom. There are no marks on it. Has anyone seen anything like it?

Auction Buy

Auction Buy

 — Jens Hansen, 13289 198th Ave., Meadow, SD 57644-7608

Setting a Record in Kansas

Prairie Plowing Days will be held Aug. 27-28 in Concordia, Kansas. We applied for a Guinness record several months ago and have received confirmation of a new record category for the event, where we will plow 160 acres. We plan to set a world’s record for the most steam engines plowing in a field at the same time. We currently have a minimum of 10 engines that will participate and expect at least two more. We have collected 11 gangplows from all over the country. We welcome all interested persons to join us for this record-breaking event.

 — Brad Smith, Scottsville, KS 67420; (785) 243-0067; www.prairieplowingdays.com