Have a Vintage Seed Corn Sack or Sign?

Reader Contribution by Letter David Vandenboom and Steve Link
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courtesy of David VandenBoom

Can you help? Members of the Corn Items Collectors Assn. (CICA) hope to republish two reference books by Curtis Norskog on seed corn sacks and signs. Originally published in the 1990s, the books will be updated in 2020 with new photos – and that’s where CICA needs your help.

If you have an old seed corn sack or sign, please send photos of them, even if they seem like common pieces. “We need as many pictures as we can get,” says David VandenBoom of CICA. “If we get duplicates, we’ll sort through that.”

It’s as simple as sending photos (digital images can be sent via email or flash drives, or prints can be sent via U.S. mail): No additional information on the items is needed. Send photos to CICA members David VandenBoom or Steve Link:

David VandenBoom,

810 S. Main St., Mt. Pleasant, IA 52641;

(641) 919-2042; email: framer1961@mchsi.com

Steve Link,

1225 East Myrtle, Canton, IL 61520;

(309) 338-2727; email: slink74659@aol.com.

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