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Looking for Information on Stone Boats

Do any Farm Collector readers have information on a stone boat? No, it is not a rock group like Led Zeppelin. It was more like a heavy-duty sled or skid. It was pulled by a team and used to haul massive rocks from a tilled field. Made of heavy lumber, it was built low to the ground. I do not know if it was factory-built or homemade. If the former, all markings were long gone on the one I remember. I only saw it used once, but by my time, most fields were cleared of such debris. Perhaps I have missed something in earlier Farm Collector articles.

Clyde Eide, 3801 East Crest Dr.,Apt. 3205, Bryan, TX 77802

Editor’s note: There have been occasional references to stone boats in Farm Collector over the years, but none have been detailed. It seems most were made by farmers with wide variation in construction and design. Readers, have any information for Clyde?

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  • Published on Jul 12, 2017
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