What was this Used For?

Help Gary identify this farm equipment made by the Roller Harrow Manufacturing Company and what it was used for.

Reader Contribution by Gary Tennant
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by Gary Tennant

I am sending photos of machinery purchased at an auction 35 years ago in northern Michigan. No one I know has seen one before or knows exactly what it was used for. As best I could figure, it was some kind of clod buster but after trying it out, it worked poorly, which may explain its unworn condition. It came with big screw-down grease cups. The brass tag fastened to the frame almost appears hand-fabricated (note the irregular corners on the ends). A nice set of runners on the back suggests that it may have been skidded to the field and flipped over to use. If anyone knows what this was used for, please let me know.

Gary Tennant, Ortonville, Michigan

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