Tractor Salvage 
Image courtesy Clell Ballard - Items for a Smooth Tractor Salvage Operation 

Articles to help you with tractor, gas engine and farm equipment restorations:

11 Questions to Ask Before You Begin A Tractor Restoration
Farm Collector asked three restoration experts what to consider before beginning a tractor restoration.

Items for a Smooth Tractor Salvage Operation
Tractor salvage operations are made easier with a bit of preparation and the right tools to bring the tractor back to life.

Design Your Own Magnet Charger
Peter Rooke explains the fundamentals of magnetism and describes how to make your own magnet charger.

Do-It-Yourself Brass Nameplates
Make your own replacement brass antique engine nameplates.

Using Aluminum Soldering for Engine Repair
Simple aluminum soldering can be used for many aspects of repair.