How To Solve Power Stroke Diesel Truck Injector Problems Inexpensively

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Hot Shot’s Secret Stiction Eliminator

Hot Shot’s Secret Stiction Eliminator has finally solved the common and costly fuel injector problems diesel truck owners have lamented for years.  To increase the efficiency in modern diesel engines, manufacturers have increased the pressure at the tip of the injector. This increase provides for a better, more efficient burn with added power.  Older injectors would put out 1,200 psi at the injector tip but the new diesel engines put out 26,200 psi at the tip. 

To achieve this increase in pressure, the manufactures had tightened the tolerance inside the injector. This increased the friction and temperature. The higher temperatures have a burning effect on the engine oil.  A layer of oxidized oil and additives form, slowing down the injector and eventually stopping it altogether.  “Injectors in the diesel truck engines have a high failure rate,” says Chris Gabrelcik, lubrication engineer/CEO of Lubrication Specialties, Inc. and the creator of Stiction Eliminator. “Injector issues cause slow start-up, rough idling, hesitation, and lack of power because the injectors aren’t firing properly.”

Until now, owners had to replace their existing injectors, often spending up to $2,500 with no guarantee that the problem would not reoccur in the future. An amazing 90% of the time, Stiction Eliminator solves the problem completely, and the other 10% it has made a significant improvement. “We’ve got a money back guarantee, and if it doesn’t work, we’ll credit you,” says Gabrelcik, who acknowledges that in some instances the product might not work because of other mechanical failures. Originally created for the International Truck and Engine, Stiction Eliminator is an additive made from a combination of detergents and dispersants, and put into new or used motor oil.

Once added, Stiction Eliminator removes build-up from other oils, the coking and varnishing left behind from overheating. “It’s the only thing you can put in your engine that will clean it out and actually solve the problem,” says Gabrelcik, who spent two years sending dozens of different formulas around the country to be tested in various terrain and weather conditions, developing the final product in November 2005. The product will also clean the deposits in the engine and turbo fortifying existing oil, helping it to work more effectively.  It only takes two quarts of chemical to clean 100,000 miles of build up.  Topping off every third oil change with a half dose of Stiction Eliminator will prevent the problem from ever coming back. We have people with 500,000 miles on one set of injectors using our product. 

Gabrelcik, who has been in the industry for over 14 years, founded Lubrication Specialties in 1997. He has extensive experience working with vibration analysis, oil reclamation, and lubrication consulting with countless national and local companies.

Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme

Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme is a concentrated detergent, cetane improver, rust and corrosion inhibitor, moisture dispersant and fuel stabilizer that is much stronger than retail type products. Diesel Extreme is a concentrated cetane improver which also contains a highly effective fuel stability package.  It will tremendously upgrade power and performance in all diesel equipment, increase mileage and provide maintenance economy. Storage stability of fuels will be greatly increased and diesel engines will be kept in a much cleaner and maintenance-free condition. In addition, Diesel Extreme has a stabilizing system to improve storage stability that will prevent polymerization and breakdown of hydrocarbons which results in gum and sludge formation. The dispersant contained prevents insoluble residues from forming, which are sometimes produced when mixing fuels from different sources. Corrosion is prevented by an inhibitor which produces a protective non-deposit-forming film on metal surfaces in the fuel system and a neutralizer, which neutralizes corrosive acids that are formed during combustion.   

Hot Shot’s Secret Everyday Diesel Treatment 

EDT is a concentrated cetane improver which will tremendously upgrade power and performance in all diesel equipment, increasing fuel and maintenance economy. Stability of fuels will be greatly increased and diesel engines will be kept in a much cleaner, more maintenance-free condition. 

Composition:  The cetane improver in EDT consists of special nitrates which are pro-oxidants and which speed up the oxidative process of fuels during combustion, giving more power and improved mileage. EDT provides significantly increased ignition efficiency with all diesel fuels. 

In addition, EDT will prevent gum and sludge formation.  Corrosion is prevented by an inhibitor which produces a protective non-deposit-forming film on metal surfaces in the fuel system and which neutralizes corrosive acid formed during combustion.  An important component of EDT is a special emulsifier which disperses condensed moisture. Condensed water in fuels is a major cause of rust, icing in cold weather and the growth of microorganisms in warm weather. Operation of diesel engines is noticeably improved when corrosion and growth of bacteria are prevented.  EDT contains an exclusive polar lubricity additive to prevent wear without altering fuel viscosity.  Fuel treated with EDT is a “PREMIUM” diesel fuel. 

Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Winter Anti-Gel 

Diesel Winter Anti-Gel provides “Premium Diesel” qualities to standard diesel fuels in terms of detergency, stability, lubricity, winter operability, and cetane number. Its effective anti-gel additive greatly improves cold temperature performance. Additional properties provide further winter protection against freeze-ups. In addition, Diesel Winter Anti-Gel contains a powerful cetane improver for quicker cold starts and a maximum boost in power and performance.  Diesel Winter Anti-Gel is recommended for ALL diesel engines. 

Detergency – Diesel Winter Anti-Gel reduces injector nozzle coking, as demonstrated in the Cummins L-10 125-Hour Injector Depositing Test, when used at the appropriate recommended treat rate. 

Cold Temperature Performance  – Diesel Winter Anti-Gel lowers the Pour Point, Cold Filter Plugging Point, and Low Temperature Fluidity. It prevents diesel fuel gelling and greatly improves cold temperature operability. Diesel Winter Anti-Gel not only disperses water, but also lowers its freeze point for superior winter performance. 

Cetane – Diesel Winter Anti-Gel improves ignition efficiency and cold starts, reduces warm up time, smoothes engine operation, increases power and fuel economy.  

Stability – Fuel can also be treated with Diesel Winter Anti-Gel to pass the ASTM D-6468 Thermal Stability Test as well as the other commonly used storage stability tests. 

Lubricity – Diesel Winter Anti-Gel improves lubricity of diesel fuels in both the BOCLE Test and the HFRR Test, which is a critical factor with low-sulfur No. 2 and especially with kerosene-blended fuels. 

Rust and Corrosion Protection – Prevents all types of rust and corrosion in fuel lines, strainers, pumps and injectors.

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