Steam Engines

The antique steam traction engine hobby, past and present.

The Enduring Corliss Steam Engine

By Sam Moore

The Corliss name can be found on many engines, and there’s an interesting reason why.

The Allis-Chalmers Corliss Steam Engine

By Bill Vossler

An Albert City stationary Corliss steam engine is a relic of the early industrial era.

The Beginning of the End for Steam Traction Engines

By Sam Moore

Steam traction engines had decided disadvantages, including scarce timber and expensive coal, which led to their decline.

Remembering Steam Engines

By Lawrence Torske

A reader shares memories of steam engines from his past.


Best of the Best: Best Steam Tractor

By B.P. Lemmon

Historic 110 hp Best steam tractor survives the passage of time.

Adding a Minnesota Giant Steam Engine to the Family

By Bill Vossler

An Ohio woman's passion for steam expands with the purchase of an 1891 Minnesota Giant steam engine.

A Case of Old Iron Fever

By Rick Stencil

An old iron collector shares a few of his favorite tractors.

Location of Sawmill Steam Engine

By Barry Wood

Can you help determine where this early 1900s sawmill engine was built?