Best Steam Traction Engine and Best Harvester

Best steam traction engine and combined harvester star at California show

| June 2000

Two giants will heave open a window to the past this June. The two – a 1906 Best Steam Traction Engine, pulling a 1907 Best Steam Combined Harvester – will be put through their paces in a California wheat field.

Organizers of the Bygone Farming Days Show, or the Best Show, (Held each summer in Woodland, Calif.) plan to illustrate the complete cycle of food production.

"We hope to take the grain they harvest, run it through the grist mill, make flour, use that to make bread-sticks, and bake them in a pueblo oven," says Lorry Dunning, historical consultant for the Golden State Farm Education Center. "And we may even churn butter for the bread. A lot of people just don't know where their food and fiber comes from."

An admirable undertaking, to be sure. But even the aroma of baking bread will offer little distraction for those watching the two giants lumber back to life. Just two Best steam traction engines with agricultural wheels are known of; the other one is not operational. And the '07 Best Harvester? No others – in any condition – are known of.

The Best Harvester is a relic from an era long since passed. But as recently as the late 1950s, it was a working part of a California farm operation.

McClellan Lovelace, who farmed in the Tulare Lake Basin, was the original owner of the harvester. Detailed records have been hard to come by, but Dunning believes Lovelace purchased the harvester about 1907, and continued using it until 1958.