Steam Engines

The antique steam traction engine hobby, past and present.

Worldwide Wow!

Leslie C. McDaniel

Iowa event offers dazzling array of farming's past

Gone like the Buffalo: Buffalo-Pitts steam traction Engine

Bill Vossler

Tracking down information on vintage tractor makers isn't always easy. For example, more is known about Buffalo-Pitts steam traction engines than is known about the company's tractors or the firm's history during the tractor era.


Jason B. Harmon

Former yard ornament belches smoke once again

Wonderfully White

Jan Shellhouse

Patch of white paint reveals long-forgotten treasure


Robert Avery: Imprisoned Visionary

Bill Vossler

Confined in a military prison, Robert Avery kept his wits by designing farm equipment during the Civil War.

Collections reflect U.S., British connections

Nancy Smith

1920 Waterloo steam engine com-on-the-cob steamer at the Cookstown show

Prize possessions:

Nancy Smith

From a 1/4-hp Carlisle & Finch to a 7-hp CH&E

Recipe for "safety" with a steam restoration

Farm Collector Staff

Every part must work properly to ensure safety in a steam engine restoration