Steam Engines

The antique steam traction engine hobby, past and present.

Banking on Steam Engine Restoration

Leslie C. McDaniel

Some may consider it obsolete technology, but steam engine resotration has proved profitable for a company in Indiana

Minneapolis Steam Engine Ready for Close-Up

Leslie C. McDaniel

1920 Minneapolis steam engine has star status

Best Steam Traction Engine and Best Harvester

Leslie C. McDaniel

Early 1900s Best steam traction engine and combined harvester star at California show.

Case 65 HP 1/16 Scale Model

Sam Moore

Part of Ertl's Millennium Farm Classics line, the Case 65 HP steam traction engine was Sam Moore's favorite gift this Christmas.


1902 New Giant Traction Engine Restoration

Karen Bates Chabal

A century-old relic, a New Giant steam traction engine, gets a loving restoration, starting with the boiler, wheels and axels

The Story of the Sageng Thresher

Bill Vossler

The Sageng Thresher was the first self-propelled thresher and eliminated many problems faced by conventional steam threshing rigs

Woman at the Wheel

Leslie C. McDaniel

Lifelong interest in vintage steam engines puts a Missouri woman at the wheel

Steam Engine Fever, Past the Century Mark

Leslie C. McDaniel

West Harrison, Ind. man's passion for steam engines has passed the century mark