Steam Engines

The antique steam traction engine hobby, past and present.

Ransom Olds’ First Car Was Steam-Powered

By Bill Vossler

Ransom Olds has left his mark on the auto industry, and it all started with a steam-powered horseless carriage.

Starting a Cold Boiler

Bill Vossler

Important points to consider when bringing a cold boiler up to pressure

Side Trip for a Case Steam Traction Engine Pays Off

By Bill Vossler

Couple veers off course in pursuit of 1913 Case steam traction engine  

Working Out the Kinks of Steam Plowing

By Sam Moore

Steam plowing moves past John Fowler’s two-engine system of steam cultivation


Early Days of Steam Plowing in the U.K.

By Sam Moore

A look at steam plowing in the fields of Great Britain in the mid-1800s, and how it differed from steam power in the U.S.

Britannia Steam Engine Is a World Traveler

By Bill Vossler

1911 Marshall Britannia steam engine settles in U.S. after jaunts to Chile, England and Ireland 

The Patents of Edward T. Wright

By Beth Beavers

British engineer Edward T. Wright left his mark on the road roller industry in the United States.

Family Heirloom: The Kelly-Springfield Road Roller

By Beth Beavers

1905 Kelly-Springfield Road Roller bonds generations