Steam Engines

The antique steam traction engine hobby, past and present.

Scale Model Steam

Leslie C. McManus

Wessels collection showcases scale model steam traction engines, including a water wagon, threshing machine and a Case steam traction engine.

Steam Traction Engine Gets Extreme Makeover

Cathy Werner

Rice County Minnesota Steam & Gas Engines club volunteers complete Advance-Rumely Universal steam traction engine restoration.

Rare Ames Steam Engine: Ames Iron Works Design Prone to Boiler Explosion

Bill Vossler

There’s not much known about this early Ames steam engine except it has a poor boiler design.

Imitating Chromolithography for the Steam Hobby

Don Voelker

Michigan man pours heart and soul into artwork.


Hand-Built Pence Steam Engines Are Machinist's Legacy

James Boblenz

The late Harold Fleisch lives on in his engines.

Rescuing a 1916 16 hp Avery Steam Engine from the Republican River

Bill Vossler

A waterlogged steam engine gets a second lease on life.

Thresherman Used Baker Steam Engines

By Don Voelker

Ohio family keeps steam era memories alive with steam engines from A.D. Baker Company.

Marion Steam Engine Companies

By James N. Boblenz

Marion, Ohio was home to two early steam engine companies: The Marion Manufacturing Company and Huber Manufacturing Company.