Steam Engines

The antique steam traction engine hobby, past and present.

The Leader Traction Engine

By Farm Collector staff

Iron Age Ads: The simplest and most powerful traction engine.

Iron Age Ads

By Farm Collector staff

Pioneer Steam Engine Enthusiasts

By Cecil E. Darnell

Women put a new spin on steam engine show with "It's a Girl Thing."

Iron Age Ads

By Farm Collector staff


Ajax Portable Engine Restoration

By Wayne Murphy

After decades of neglect, a Farquhar Ajax portable engine patiently awaits an engine restoration. Originally published as "Ajax Portable" in the March/April 2005 issue of Steam Traction Magazine.

E. Leonard & Sons Vintage Canadian Engines

By Bill Lynch and Franz Kingender

Two readers respond to our article about E. Leonard & Sons and the now vintage Canadian engines they made in the 19th century.

Roadside Revelations

Scott Garvey

Old threshing machines can still be found among the rolling miles of the Trans-Canada Highway


Farm Collector Staff

A panel of formally-dressed engineers