Steam Engines

The antique steam traction engine hobby, past and present.

The Day the Thresher Came

Patrick Cusack

Annual event was the highlight of harvest for Michigan farmer as a child

Rumely Pulls Again

Jason B. Harmon

Collectors celebrate Rumely's 150th anniversary


Farm Collector Staff

Biblical proportions with verses from its Toiling and Tilling the Soil

Scale Model Engines Offer the Best of Both Worlds

Scott Hollis

Illinois collector builds his favorite engines as working model farm machinery.


Learning the Ropes

Godfrey A. Humann

Childhood awe and infatuation characterized the first experiences of a young thresher

Worldwide Wow!

Leslie C. McDaniel

Iowa event offers dazzling array of farming's past

Gone like the Buffalo: Buffalo-Pitts steam traction Engine

Bill Vossler

Tracking down information on vintage tractor makers isn't always easy. For example, more is known about Buffalo-Pitts steam traction engines than is known about the company's tractors or the firm's history during the tractor era.