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1910 Geiser Peerless U1

By Staff

Clifford Baumer, 6306 S. Old Village Rd.,
Columbia, MO 65203, wrote in looking for some information, but the
photograph he sent was so good we had to use it on the back cover.
A perfectly blue Midwestern sky is beautiful enough, but add in
Clifford’s Peerless and it’s a scene of perfection.
Clifford writes:

‘This is my 1910 Geiser Peerless U1, engine number 14460. I
bought the engine several years ago from Walter Pohlmann of New
Haven, Mo., and I would enjoy hearing from other Peerless owners,
especially any other U1 owners. I’m interested in seeing how
the original Simplex pump was arranged on the left tank, and
I’d also like to hear from anyone with knowledge of the
original color scheme. Several old timers have told me that the
original dark green paint used by Geiser was very similar to that
used on the Rumely Oil Pull tractors. ‘I am also working on
restoring a wooden 33 x 50 New Peerless separator that was built in
1912. I would enjoy hearing from anyone with a good example of the
‘Farmers Friend’ wind stacker logo that I might use as a
pattern in recreating the decal on the rear of the

Christmas Case 110

Reader J.W.Vangiersbergen, Berkenlaan 55A,
7064ZG Silvolde, Holland, sends in this Christmas card of his 110
Case decked out in holiday finery, complete with a Christmas tree
in its stack!

  • Published on Jan 1, 2003
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