1916 Huber 16 HP

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1745 Glastonberry, Toledo, OH 43613 Submitted by Bill

This working model was scaled from an engine owned by the Myers
family of Perrysburg, Ohio. Knowing that many things may have been
changed over the years, reference books were consulted. Where no
information was found, common practice of the period was

The odd scale (0.161 = 1′) was chosen primarily by the size
of copper pipe available for the boiler. It turned out to be very
advantageous, as many other sizes were very near stock materials.
One inch rod became 5/32 wire (0. 156) etc.
The boiler is all copper1/8 inch wall),
riveted and silver soldered. It has brass plates fixed inside at
any attachment point. With fourteen inch flue tubes and a 2 furnace
tube, it has a heating area of 435 square inches.

All drawings, pattern making, casting, and machining were done
in my home shop. There are over 200 castings in this model; all are
brass except for the engine frame and flywheel, which were cast by
Northfield Foundry.

Work began in July of 1986 and its first run was December 7,
1990. That’s a lot of hours and headaches. (My wife says I live
in the shop.) But this is the only scale model Huber I know of.

Many thanks to my friend Clarence Myers, whose assistance was

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