| November/December 1964

Farm Manager

Enclosed pictures taken at Good Samaritan Home, Arthur, N. D. on Sept. 20, 1963. The engine a 25-40 Oilpull, recently purchased from Harold Williams, Ada, Minn. The separator an International Harvester 28-46, 1929 Model.

We think this is probably one of the largest strawpiles threshed at one setting in N. Dak. this year. It is the straw from a 100 acre oatfield that yielded 8,600 bushels. We used 4 bundle racks pulled by tractors, with two men in each and used 4 field pitchers. We do not do this just as a demonstration but because we need the straw and have a number of young fellows who like to help, and so we can do it cheaper.

Our Home is a custodial home for 80 people, some aged, some handicapped, some retarded. Many have a rural background and need some activity. They get very enthused when it is threshing time, as it brings back memories of days gone by, gives different activities and they also enjoy the visitors who stop in to watch.

We also have a dairy herd of 40 Holstein cattle, and each year thresh the straw from 15 acres of oats into the haymow. We raise 150 pigs yearly, and have a flock of 200 laying hens. These, too use some of this straw.