1975 Gabel's Threshing Bee

| July/August 1976

Well, we had two nice days for our Threshing Bee in spite of having a flood in the field three times in the past month. It was sort of muddy and we had to bunch our things up together and not spread them out like we wanted to.

We had a nice crowd of people both days and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves greatly. We enjoyed having so many nice people from down the river in West Virginia and Ohio. Hope they will all come back next year. We had people from just about everywhere in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

One of our engines blew a flue just as we were starting to thresh oats. It will be working next year. Due to unforseen difficulties, we did not get our fourth engine. We will have it for 1976 for sure.

We threshed oats, wheat and buckwheat and baled all the straw. It was too wet and we did not get to hull and clover seed. It did not ripen in time.

The grist mill was busy both days turning out some fine corn meal, whole wheat flour, buckwheat flour and cracked wheat. This was all sold at the show.

A group of us sold some nice bazaar items.