| March/April 1981

The Douglas County Historical Steam and Gas Show located in the heart of the Old Order Amish Settlement, two miles west of Arcola, Illinois, provided hundreds of spectators the type of historical and educational show that they had expected.

Unique in its historical farm setting, the show, in its fourth year, features the continuing restoration of the 1873 Jacob R. Moore home with rare period furnishings, steam plowing, sawmilling, shingle making, blacksmithing, baling, threshing, several gas engines, 10 large traction steam engines, gas tractors, steam models, quality controlled antique/arts/crafts/show-sale. New to the show this year were rail splitting, model steam boating, additional steam engines and DePaul University filming the show for educational purposes for the State of Illinois. Despite the carryover from the Texas heat wave, out-of-state spectators traveled long distances to view not only the recreation of the past, but to view the actual surrounding area itself that has never changed from the early threshing days.

The 1981 show is scheduled for July 17, 18, and 19 and will be featuring more exhibits, potato plowing and draft horses.

The Douglas County show is held two miles west of Arcola, Illinois, and stresses educational and historical events as you can see from this series.