1982 Rough & Tumble Show Report

| January/February 1983

233 County House Road Clarksboro, New Jersey 08020

During the reunion this year, one or two people asked me why I had stopped my R & T reports because the had looked forward to reading them. Well, there were a couple of reasons, really. First, I was hospitalized during 1980; second, I lost my dear friend George Gaunt. We did so many things together including the restoration of the B.S. roller.

Having now to take care of the roller on my own, with a little help from a 10 year old grandson and not forgetting Frank Vintschger, I find my time quite fully occupied and I cannot make the observations I would like. Besides this, I have a 10-20 and that also has to be gassed up, so maybe I miss some things.

Owing to the passing of a loved one, Mr. Elmer Lapp did not participate as he usually does, for it is those Belgian horses that make our Pageant of Thrashing complete. On Saturday a little after mid-day, I saw a large horse van drive in, for Elmer and his son had brought in the horses to make our big day complete. The Ground Hog thresher and the tread mill cannot be demonstrated without the correct form of power and I'm sure everyone thanks him whole-heartedly for doing this during a trying time.

The above goes once again to prove the dedication of the many members that make up the operating personnel of R & T. I have tried at different times in the past to mention these people in my reports. I try to get everybody, so to whomever I have omitted, please don't get a sooty flue!

Much has been done around the museum during these last two years. A beautiful new building now covers the large Watts & Campbell engine which really looked splendid with fresh paint. The large Case eagle also sports a new paint job which was done by Mrs. Tully Sullivan, and they say it's as near to the original as you will ever get. Much work has been done to upgrade our grounds' electrical system: new boxes, new poles and new wires, giving better passages for those little hard working ohmites to crawl through. Little TOOT has had an overhaul by Warren Avis, and the engine looked really fine dressed in apple green and shiny brass. Someday I must build a caboose for this little engine for it doesn't seem proper not to have one behind the train.