1984 SHOW OF.......The Pioneer Engineers Club of Indiana, Inc.

| July/August 1985

  • Robinson engine
    ''Robinson'' engine (1910) owned by Lawrence Porter, Rushville, Indiana. One of the oldest in the world.
  • Tractor
    ''Happy Farmer'' tractor (1910) owned by Henry Schrank, Liberty, Indiana.

  • Robinson engine
  • Tractor

Sect.-Treas., Pioneer Engineer Club of Indiana, P.O. Box #44, Pargon, IN 46166

If you want to take a step back into the past, then you should have been out to the Conservation Grounds the weekend of August 3rd, 4th, and 5th, 1984. It was a busy one around Rushville! The steam engine show of the Pioneer Engineers Club of Indiana, (which was started back in 1948 by Lawrence Porter, Tony Moorman, Ray Jones, and a few others), held at the Conservation Grounds, east of town, was bustling with people, engines, tractors, flea markets, and all sorts of exhibits from days gone by.

We had as many people visit us on Thursday as on Friday, but the show actually started on Friday, with the Flag Raising Ceremony by two directors, and with the engines already fired up and ready to get on the sawmill, Baker Fans, shingle mill, rock crusher, etc. There was some rain-- those who were there felt it was just a dust settler and things were not stopped for long. Our figures show there were approximately 11,000 people attending the show.

Our feature engine was Lawrence Porter's Robinson engine and he has a complete Robinson outfit with which he does the wheat threshing all three days with crowds of people standing around watching and reminiscing.

Our feature tractor was Henry Schrank's 'Happy Farmer', a rare tractor, and we were pleased to have this special tractor featured this year.

There were displays of old steam equipment of all sorts, model steam engines; large steam engines; tractors from days long ago; sawmill powered by steam, sawing logs of all sizes; blacksmith shop; cornmeal grinding; broom making; etc. There was a parade of all moving equipment each day which lasted two hours or longer. We had a total of 32 steam engines, 201 tractors, 75 or more gas engines and a number of other exhibits.