| March/April 1987

Route 1, Box 332 Aden, Ohio 43901

Earl Hamilton's 1/4 scale Case in the foreground; Bill Reese's 1/2 scale Case in the center, and Jared Crowe's Keck Gonnerman in the background.

On a beautiful autumn day, the Stump town Threshers opened their 1986 reunion with the National anthem, the raising of 'Old Glory' by the Cadiz Boy Scouts and prayer by Lester Nab. Following the opening ceremonies, threshing, sawing, baling, corn meal grinding and other activities got underway. The noon whistles signaled a break for dinner.

At 12:45, the Ladies Auxiliary crowned Mary Young Thresher man Queen, and Francis Young, Thresher man of the Year. They took their 'royal' ride in back of Ralph Jones' Model T truck.

Antique and l/2 scale steam engines participated in the slow engine race and block race at 1:00 p.m. Bill Arnold took first place in both races with his 1/2 scale Goat. Joe Harrison once again won the slow engine race in the antique class and Clyde Sell took first place in the block race. The usual threshing activities continued after the races until 3:30 when the Young Farmers & Wives Kiddies Toy Tractor Pull Club held their contest. Winners in their respective weight classes were Lunn Basia, John Schultz, Aaron Trushell, Matt Miller and Bob , Chaney.

The Old-Time Fiddlers contest began at 7:00 p.m. with 8 contestants over 60 and 3 under 60. First place winner was Clarence Miller, second place winner was Dean Westfall and third place winner was Carrie Dillon in the under 60 class. In the 60 and older class, Jim Eddy took first, Bill Burris took second and Don Wilson took third. Bill Burris played a few fiddling tunes and Earl White hill played several tunes on his dulcimer. The Foster Lucas Band had entertained the campers on Friday night.