1987 Texas Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association Annual Show

| May/June 1988

Submitted by Bradley B. Ware Buck Snort Resort, Rte. 3, Box 211 Killeen, Texas 76542

The weekend of October 3 and 4 was one of those beautiful Texas autumn days with the sun shining brightly and the oppressive heat of the summer just a memory. In the peaceful, rural setting of Speegleville, just west of Waco, Texas, about 6,000 members and interested spectators attended the annual show of the Texas Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association.

Many of the members of this sixteen year old organization rated this meeting as the 'best one yet'. One event made the 1987 gathering different from all the rest and caught everyone by surprise. On Sunday afternoon a wedding was conducted right there on the show grounds.

As the crowd gathered around, Rev. James London joined Gina Renee Smart of Houston and Stanley Cook of Highlands in matrimony. After the couple was pronounced husband and wife the bride was led away on the back of a mule as the crowd showered them with shelled corn (no rice was available). Steam engine operators serenaded the new couple with their whistles.

President Bradley Ware of Ding Dong, Texas and fellow officers and volunteers spent countless hours in preparation to insure the success of the event. All profits from the show go toward the purchase of land, which the association hopes to have as a permanent home for the annual event and possibly a museum to display their antique equipment.

A wide range of antique tractors and equipment was displayed in the field loaned to the association each year for this show. As members and visitors strolled among the exhibits, many of the crafts of our forefathers were being demonstrated by members who donated their time and skills to educate the public. The art of rope making was demonstrated by the Ferguson brothers, and Robert Womack operated his stone grist mill and then used the corn meal to make corn bread in a dutch oven. A syrup mill with mule power was operated by Regan Ware and Judy Seawright. Other interesting exhibits were bee hive building by J.M. Hucabee and silage cutting by Lynn Spencer.