1992 J.I. Case Exposition

Celebrating 150 Years

| July/August 1992

Rt. 1, Box 28 Nome, North Dakota 58062

At the '150 Years of Case Celebration' at the WMSTR show at Rollag this Labor Day weekend, there will be at least six 110 HP Case traction engines to demonstrate what was 'big iron' 80 years ago! These engines will be from almost every year that Case made the 110.

Original photo of Ed Crommitt, Warwick, North Dakota, breaking virgin prairie with an early 110 HP Case engine. The earlier models were called 'the 32 horse plowing engines.'

In addition, there will be many other models of steam traction and portable engines, some of which are residents of the Rollag Show, and others that will be hauled to our show just for this special Case exhibit. We can't list specific engines that will be at the show yet, but we promise that no one will be disappointed with the variety of Case steam engines available to be studied this coming Labor Day weekend.

The Rollag show is well known for its ability to demonstrate the steam engine doing actual work, and this show will be no exception. There will be engines doing their best to spin the Baker fan located just inside our entrance gate, as well as machines threshing, using our many Case separators. The famous Briden dynamometer will be heated up by most of the Case engines as each shows what actual horsepower it can deliver from its flywheel. No doubt the various models of the 110 will be standing in line to outdo one another on the dynamometer gauge. If you have never seen one of these giants pull 160 or more horsepower in the belt, you must see this demonstration which goes on throughout show.

If you see nothing else at Rollag this fall, other than the plowing demonstrations, your trip will be well rewarded. The sight and sound and feel of a 110 Case pulling a huge plow through the hilly soil of Clay County, Minnesota will remain imprinted in your memory for as long as you care about the steam engine! The challenges that plowing brought to the steam traction engine designer were so complex, that few companies were able to deliver an engine that could meet the demands set forth by plowing day after day and year after year. There is no better demonstration than plowing to show the versatility and exceptional engineering given to the 110 horsepower Case traction engine. The ability of this machine to produce steam in excess of any load placed on it is amazing.