1994 LaGrange Engine Club Show

| July/August 1995

5940 Town line Road 187 New London, Ohio 44851

Saturday morning began with a light drizzle which increased gradually to a light and then moderate rain. We began having visions of a very wet show, but exhibitors arriving from the west were saying the sun was out just a few miles away. Sure enough, before noon, the sun was out, the grounds dried out rapidly and before we knew it, things were really buzzing!

Twenty steam engines can produce a lot of smoke. Here about twelve are lined up under a beautiful fall sky. Photos by Colin Coshway at 1994 show.

Twenty steam engines were soon wafting the smoke that gives the aroma that lets you know a good time is to be had by all. The large display of gas tractors, small engines, models and a very large flea market as well as toy show and American Indian Motorcycle display provided entertainment to suit everyone's taste.

The accompanying pictures should give you an idea of some of the equipment on display. For the last three years we have had Bill Kennedy's sawmill set up so that it can be powered by two steam engines this year we had three! Chester Scheffel's scale Frick powered the sawdust drag!

September 15, 16, & 17 of 1995 are the dates of our 25th anniversary show. We will feature the Minneapolis line of steam engines and gas tractors and the Economy gas engine. Please join us for three days' enjoyment of yesteryear.