1996 Homestead Power Show AT HIGHLAND, ILLINOIS

| May/June 1997

RR 13, Box 209 Brazil, Indiana 47834

The ninth annual show was held 2 miles from Highland, Illinois, at 'The Homestead' of Louis Latzer who founded the Pet Milk Company on the 'new' show dates of September 13, 14, and 15, 1996. The patrons and exhibitors alike appreciated the pleasant weather as compared to the previous show date of August last year.

Three 'new' steam engines were present for the 1996 show: Andy Craig's 20-70 HP Nichols and Shepard, Bill Jansen's 24 HP Minneapolis and Bill's model of a Nichols and Shepard double rear mount.

Most people would not think of the smaller Midwestern shows as 'plowing shows' but this show is an exception, as a lot of plowing was done with steam. The plowing conditions were excellent, and quite a show was put on by the 24 HP Minneapolis and the 20-70 Nichols and Shepard.

The featured tractor of the show was Oliver and the large gathering of Oliver and Hart Parr tractors was well received by the show visitors. The show also had a fine display of various other makes of tractors and gas engines.

The sawmill skids were filled with good saw logs, the sawmill and crew were busy for all three show days. A variety of steam engines and engineers were tested out at the mill. Rock crushing, shingle making and threshing were performed at the show with good results.