1997 LaGrange Engine Club Show

| September/October 1998

5940 Town line Road #187 New London, Ohio 44851

Lynn and Paul Ort belting their 20 HP Aultman Taylor to one of the two separators on display. All photos on this page by Colin Coshway of Fairview Park, Ohio.

On the back cover are a few scenes from the LaGrange Engine Club's 27th annual show. This event begins the third Friday of September and runs through Sunday at the Lorain County Fairgrounds in Wellington, Ohio.

A nice mix of steam engines were on exhibit with separators, fans, sawmill, John McDowell's power eater, and a dynamometer available to anyone who wanted to belt up. Wet grounds necessitated having the heavy equipment set up in what is a large parking field, criss-crossed with gravel roads. This allowed the engines to move about without wallowing in mud. We are hoping that this year's show can be rain free.

Bill Kennedy's sawmill at the 27th annual LaGrange Engine Club Show. That's Billy operating the mill he may be doing more talking than sawing at the time this photo was taken!

The 1998 show will celebrate the 100th anniversary of A.D. Baker's first steam engine. The number one Baker will be on display along with several other Baker engines, as well as a good mix of other steamers.