1999 High Country Crank-Up Antique Farm Show

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Steam engine models displayed by Walter and Joyce O'Neal of Statesville, NC.
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Members John Hodges, Ralph Herman and Kyle Hodges taking a break before cranking the engine and demonstrating an antique wood lathe. 
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Part of the steam engine display operated by Ray Scholl, his dad Marvin and son Jody, all of Sugar Grove, North Carolina.

The crowd for the 20th annual High Country Crank-Up was huge! The weather was hot, even by Boone, North Carolina, standards. Thank goodness the nights were much cooler. The fun was great! And some of us were ‘worked to death.’ We really appreciate the workers who take part of their vacation time to help with our show. Many thanks to all those working on Saturday (our biggest day), especially Ann and George Shore working the gate and registration; and to Raymond and Jody Scholl who tried to find places for all these exhibitors to park! We were definitely full-up!

Once again we gave a ‘clean show’ as we had our usual thunderstorms on Saturday. We were able to get in our tractor parade that afternoon, but other tractor events were postponed until Sunday after our church service. These people had such a good time! I was able to watch several of these activities. Lisa Watson did the record keeping and time, and Lindsey Watson and Angie Brown designed the award ribbons. They did a gate race, wagon backing, slow race, balance beam and balloon race.

In addition to tractor events, we had a lot of antique engines in operation, including hit and miss engines, steam engines, and some very sharp model engines. There was also a wood lathe and corn meal grinding in operation being powered by some of these engines.

Lots of homemade ice cream was also abundant. There was some very good food and soft drinks available, along with a wide selection of goods from the many vendors.

Look for our 2000 show to be advertised as being two days: July 28 and 29. Don’t despair that anything will change. The showground’s will open on Wednesday morning. Thursday will still be the set-up day, the show will be Friday and Saturday, and Sunday we will have our church service followed by ‘breaking camp.’

So for some good times in high places, a relaxed, casual, laid-back atmosphere and friendly people, load your engines, pack your bags, grab your camera, and take the high road for a great vacationafter making motel reservations!

You’ll like our people and you’ll love our show.

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