| January/February 1975

Upperco, Maryland 21155

This outfit was in operation at a New Show Site this August at George Hedtke's Farm, located on Highway 72, East of U.S. 51, Jet. just 1-1/4 miles. A large storage building, 60 foot by 140 foot was completed earlier this year. This is the first of several buildings that will be built in the near future. Courtesy of Emil Svanda, Box 111, Davis Junction, Illinois 61020 S-74

Regardless of two rainy days, the 19th Annual Maryland Steam Show was an outstanding success again this year. President Gilbert Wisner and his crew made many new improvements to the grounds and facilities which made for a smooth operation of the show with a lot less work involved for the help.

Aside from the usual display of steam traction engines, there were three Western style engines on display this year - a Russell, a Nichols & Shepard and a Port Huron compound. Also, the last Peerless engine built was one of the attractions. It is owned by Mervin Grubb of Steelton, Pennsylvania.

Antique farm tractors also pronounced their power at the show, pulling the 'Metroliner' bus for the rides, running the Baker and shingle saw.

Gas engines of every make and horsepower lined the midway. Some of those are valued at over $1500 each.