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2000 Pawnee Steam School

R.R.#13 Box 209 Brazil, Indiana 47834

Ross Staggs, of Muskogee, OK teaches the boiler piping class at
Rushville. Ross is a professional plumber and is a Case steam
engine owner who lends his expertise to steam school.

Everyone has heard everything is big in Texas. We also have a
few things that are big in Indiana; steam school is one. Rushville,
Indiana’s Pioneer Engineer’s Club was host to 426
registered students at the 2000 Pawnee Steam School. Students came
from 16 different states and Canada to attend the three-day

Class started on Friday, March 24, with an introduction to steam
engines, and broke at noon for field trips. Lawrence Porter and son
Tracy had their sawmill steamed up until dark for the students.
John Corya had his collection open and the students saw firsthand
about ‘Advance’ fever. B&B Steam Restoration had some
wonderful displays of work in progress. (The shop was so clean it
made many of us wonder if we were at the right boiler shop.)

The 50-page textbook was put together for steam school by the
Pioneer Engineer’s Club. Each instructor provided material,
which was covered in class. Copies of the textbook are still
available for $5.00 plus postage.

Saturday was a full day with classes on steam cylinder oil, oil
pumps, steam injectors, crosshead pumps, and safety items. Bob Gold
and Brian Vaughn of B&B Steam Restoration brought a boiler and
tools to demonstrate hot riveting to the class.

Sunday started with a class on boiler water treatment, followed
by classes on boiler piping, steam governor repair, and a
babbitt-pouring demonstration.

The Pioneer Engineer’s Club of Indiana did a wonderful job
of providing a facility for the school, noon meals, and even a hog

Bill Stahl, president of Pioneer Engineer’s Club of Indiana,
addresses the 426 students at steam school. Pioneer Engineer’s
Club had anticipated all the details inherent to hosting such a
large school. Mona Spaulding deserves special thanks for her

The Lathrop Antique Car, Tractor and Engine Club are hosting the
2001 Pawnee Steam School at Lathrop, Missouri. Due to the size of
the facilities, we are limiting the class size to 200 students. A
$20.00 fee to cover the cost of meals and the textbook will need to
be paid to register for steam school. The contact person to
register for the school is Jim Plowman, P.O. Box 335, Lathrop, MO
64465. His phone number is (816) 528-3511.

Steam school classes for 2001 will consist of ‘core’
classes of steam injectors, governor repair, boiler water
treatment, steam cylinder oil, judging boiler conditions, boiler
safety and boiler piping.

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about steam
engines and to meet fellow hobbyists from across the country.

  • Published on Nov 1, 2000
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