| May/June 1979

29 North River Road, Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada N8A 4R3

The 21st Western Ontario Steam Threshers Association Reunion was held at the fairgrounds in Brigden, Ontario, on August 18, 19, and 20, 1978.

There were 18 steam engines, 70 gas tractors, a large selection of gas engines as well as antique farm machinery on display. Many smaller antique items were on display in the buildings. Several dealers presented a wide selection of quality antiques for sale at the flea market.

A parade was held on the track in front of the grandstand each day at 4:00 p.m. First in the parade were the steam engines, then the antique tractors, followed by several antique cars. Also in the parade were the MacPherson's from Arkona, Ontario, with their team of three trained pigs; the Butlers from Florence, Ontario with their Prairie Schooner pulled by two oxen; and Hugh Miller riding his Penny Farthing bicycle around the track.

The Thompsons of Blenheim gave free rides around the grounds in their double-decker bus to show visitors.

The bean soup cooked over an open fire in a large iron kettle was popular with show visitors again this year. The bean pot was under the care of Reg. Kemp of Tilbury, Mr. and Mrs. Ken Crowe of Wallaceburg, and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Forshee of Akron, Michigan.