| March/April 1988

Star Route 7, Box 35A, Pueblitos, NM 87002

The show at Bird City, Kansas once again came alive with the whirl of wheels, the flapping of belts and the distinct aroma of burning coal. The clatter of gears resounded as the Tri-State Antique Engine and Threshers Association held its crowd-gathering excitement-filled rally. The four day event lived up to its reputation by getting a little bit bigger and a whole lot better.

The wide assortment of steam traction engines consumed about 35 tons of coal while they put on their day-long demonstrations and antics. Anyone can get a ride on a coal burner at Bird City. These engines stayed busy with fast and slow races every morning, parades in the afternoon, and on going demonstrations of threshing, plowing, and horse power testing.

The folks of Tri-State work hard to put on a good show. The steam masters always have time to help a novice like me to get to know the working of an engine and how to care for them so that the Tri-State tradition will carry on forever. This tradition started in the early fifties as a gathering of old friends at the farm of the late Roy Kite. Being a newcomer, I wasn't around then, but I know the friendships grow each year as the show continues its growth.

This 1922 Buffalo Springfield road roller #11188 belongs to the Tri-State Association. Don Wright is rolling the track for the Friday night tractor pull. Don says she is easy to fire and handle. When Don finishes, you can just about roller skate on that track.

Hal Sager, the M. C. and announcer comes from McDonald, Kansas. Hal keeps things moving on schedule and he's always ready with a happy remark that adds smiles and laughter to the excitement.