35th Annual BIRD CITY SHOW

| May/June 1989

35 Pueblitos Road Belen, New Mexico 87002

The 35th annual Tri-State Antique Engine and Thresher's Association Show got off with its usual cloud of smoke, puff of steam and a Hi-Yo Silver! The coal burners once more filled the air of Bird City, Kansas with fun and excitement, as well as their aroma that hangs in the early morning air. The four-day living museum of the high plains reunited its thou-sands of friends, as it has in years past.

This year the directors had the foresight to order cooler weather for the show which worked out just fine as I noticed the folks spent a little more time out on the fields. And, as usual, I wasn't able to find enough time to get my camera into the buildings, so, I still don't have any pictures of the goings-on at the Avenue of Lost Arts, or the Antique Collections, or the Country School House, or any part of the 50% of the show that happens inside. I'll try again in '89.

The fact is, I was so busy this year I only had time to gobble down nine slices of that world famous 'Bird City Pie' that the ladies bake fresh every morning. A gentleman from Texas, after sampling a few of the varieties, remarked that his two favorite kinds of pie were the hot and the cold.

I did, however, get in a few snap-shots of some of the kids. The kids are top priority at the show. They are taught all they want to know and they are encouraged to ride or help as much as they are able. The kids aren't just there to watch and enjoy, but to learn as they are the ones who will be entrusted with the equipment and responsibilities in the years to come. It's this attitude that insures the continuance of the 'Iron-Men' legacy.

'Catherine Marie' bears a Dec. 17, 1876 patent date and she saw duty at Independence, Colorado hoisting silver ore from a mine. Carl Bergman, right, of Aspen inspects the calliope he built for her while Bill Mencimer also of Aspen looks on. 'Catherine Marie' is the oldest licensed boiler in Colorado. She bears her age well while playing her music in the parades.