40 HP Case Steam Engine on the Incline at Pawnee

1985 Oklahoma Steam and Gas Engine Show

| September/October 1985

More than 80 years ago in 1902 and at the St. Louis World's Fair in 1904 the J. I. Case Threshing Machine Co. started running its steam engines up an incline to demonstrate the machines' ability.

'Case engines are the only real hill climbers,' proclaimed a banner in a postal card view of such a stunt printed in this magazine in Jan/Feb 1985.

Now the incline demonstration has been revived as a real crowd pleaser at the Oklahoma Steam & Gas Engine Show held the first week end in May in Pawnee, Oklahoma.

At the controls of the 40 HP Case was Chady Atteberry of Blackwell, Oklahoma.

"The late E.C. 'Big Mac' McMillian started climbing the incline at Wichita in 1952 with the same engine I used at Pawnee," said Atteberry. At that time, Big Mac owned it.

"Big Mac was the very best of engineers," Atteberry continued. "He started training me in 1952. I now own the engine, a 40 HP Case No. 31393 built in 1914. Big Mac always referred to this engine as his 'Elgin Watch' 40.