| September/October 1961

The picture on the opposite page, taken by Howard E. Krause, photographer, Waterville, Ohio, is one of two 48' diameter wells installed by Dunbar Drilling, Inc., of Swanton, Ohio, for a large chemical company near Cincinnati, Ohio. Each well was 112 feet deep, and when completed had a capacity of 2,500 gal. per minute. Each well was equipped with a 30' diameter Everdur screen 30 feet in length, and approximately 50 tons of gravel pack material was installed in each well. These wells were installed by a reverse rotary drilling machine in a sand and gravel deposit which underlies the Ohio river adjacent to the well site. The water level in the wells varies directly with the water level in the river. Only 40 hours was required to drill a 51' hole to a total depth of 112 feet. Approximately 55 cubic yards of material was removed from each well.

R. F. Dunbar of Delta, Ohio originally started drilling small farm wells, and from this beginning in 1924 the operations were expanded with his three Sons, Delbert, Dale and Glenn, now operating the business on a very large scale.

The company operations have included the areas from New Jersey to Wisconsin, with all the states between, with well depths ranging up to 1,000 feet in depth, and up to 5,000 gallons per minute capacities. The company owns an airplane which is used extensively by Dale Dunbar in the well drilling operations, there by making it possible to serve a very large area.