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Matt Leninger's 24-75 Port Huron engine.
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David Coon's Oil Pull, Harold Beckons M. Rumely and Bill Stahl's Gaar-Scott straw burner at Rushville.

3390 South County Road 250 West, North Vernon, Indiana 47265

The members of the Pioneer Engineer’s Club of Indiana held
their 49th Reunion on August 1,2, and 3, 1997. All told, the
Reunion included 42 big steam engines, over 450 tractors, and over
100 gas engines.

On the steam side, the Reunion featured Port Huron engines and
had two 24-75 horsepower Port Huron Long fellows, owned by Al New
and Matt Leninger. The lineup of engines also included a 75 Case
with the 36 inch plowing drivers, a sidemount double Nichols &
Shepard, and a 10 horsepower Advance. Many of the engines worked
out on either the Baker fan, or the Dynamometer, or the electric
Power-Eater. Many thanks to the ‘Greenville Gang’ for
coming to Rushville, bringing the Power-Eater, and operating for

In the tractor area, visitors could see nearly every model and
style of John Deere tractors and many pieces of John Deere farm
equipment. A number of them took part in the antique tractor pull
on Friday night. Nearly all of the exhibitors ran their tractors
through the parade each day. The Reunion also included at least one
of each size John Deere gas engine, as well as John Deere
literature, hats, shirts, road signs, and so on.

The members of the Pioneer Engineer’s Club of Indiana wish
to invite everyone to come to our 50th Reunion on August 7, 8, and
9, 1998. Our 50th Reunion will feature all Indiana built equipment.
We intend to have fifty steam engines, including the one which
started our Reunions fifty years ago. Luther Caldwell and Roy
Mitchel’s 1870 Gaar-Scott portable.

We also plan on having a rare 50 horsepower Muncie oil engine,
Robinson and Gaar-Scott threshing machines, Rumely Oil Pulls, and
much, much more. If you have a chance, come over to Rushville for
the 50th Reunion of the Pioneer Engineer’s Club of Indiana.

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