4th Annual Show

| January/February 1973

R. R. 4, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

May I have the pleasure of reporting on a fine steam show which is building up at Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada under the guidance of John Stewart.

I arrived at Maple Creek Antique Tractor Museum, which is located 2 miles south of Maple Creek at 10:00 a.m., August 31 and Mr. Stewart showed up shortly after and we started to work on the engines, a 25 x 90 Nichols & Shepard steamer required a considerable amount of work plus a 20 x 80 Nichols Shepard and 25 x 75 Case, 22 x 65 Case all needed pipe work etc. We worked late each night on the gas tractors also and Mr. Stewart had just acquired a 20 x 40 flat opposed Case gas tractor and we timed it and repaired the carburetor etc.

On Friday about noon Mick Smeltzer of Ogema, Saskatchewan showed up so this helped considerably and Mick went ahead with the work on the steamers. My pal, George Dunlap, from Saskatoon showed up Friday night and Saturday was steam and gas-up day at which time all minor things were finished up. Saturday night Arlo Jurney and Ernie Walters arrived and I turned my steamer and my fireman, Mr. Charle Young of Empress, Alberta over to them so the three of them took charge. John Stewart had asked me if I would act as Engine straw boss and help him keep things organized and I was glad to.

My engineers and firemen consisted of George Dunlap (Saskatoon), Mick Smeltzer (Ogema), Bob Service (Gull Lake), Charle McCoy (Saskatoon), Happy Robinson (Medicine Hat, Alberta), Charle Young (Empress, Alberta), Jack Norquay (Medecine Hat, Alberta), Arlo Jurney (Calgary, Alberta), Ernie Walters (Calgary, Alberta), and Fred Freschette (Red Deer, Alberta).

We had lost of help on the gas engines one man named Alan Jamieson from Port Dovel, Ontario plus A. L. Smiley of Robsart, Saskatchewan, John Olson of Maple Creek, Stanley Soum of Eastend, Vince Sullivan of Climax, Orval Johnson of Broderick, Saskatchewan and many others whom I did not know.